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Swan Frey Doll

This 100% cotton Swan Fray Doll has wings that are designed to slowly unravel over time. This unraveling (aka fraying) is intended to gently remind us of how fleeting childhood and life can be, encouraging us to more fully live in and appreciate all of life's little moments.

Swan Fray's body is handcrafted with 100% cotton and stuffed with a sustainable corn-based fiber.

Includes clothing and matching *fabric envelope. Clothing ties at the shoulder.

*Fabric envelope holds your choice of hand-screenprinted iron-on birthday patches (years 1-18). Patches come temporarily affixed to a fabric letter that states "Happy Birthday". On your child's birthday, simply remove the desired patch, select a location and iron on. It's a sweet tradition and memory-maker that you and your child will come to cherish for a lifetime!

Each Fray Doll is handcrafted and therefore will vary in appearance.

Doll measures approximately 50cm long.
455 SEK
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